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International Cell Phone Guide

International Cell Phone Guide: Weve outlined the pros and cons of each cell phone option abroad so you can figure out which one is right for you -- and your href=

33 Ways to Sleep Better at a Hotel

Weve compiled one of the most comprehensive guides available to sleeping in hotels, covering everything from what you should ask when youre booking the room to how you can swiftly take care of noisemakers so you can get back to sl...

What to Expect at the Airport

First time flying See what to expect at the airport on your next trip, including recommended check-in times, TSA security rules, information on airport amenities and href=

Packing Tips

Youll have packing down pat with our practical packing tips, which include advice for air travelers, hints on rolling versus folding, the ingenious bundle approach to packing -- and href=http://www.independenttraveler...

11 Things Not to Do on a Plane

Avoiding some of these airplane mistakes will keep you from getting on your fellow fliers nerves; avoiding others could even save your life. Learn what not to do on a href=

7 Airbnb Problems and How to Solve Them

The vast majority of Airbnb rentals go smoothly, but do you know what to do when they dont We identify seven common Airbnb problems and explain how to solve href=

Get the Best Airplane Seat

While theres no fail-safe way to guarantee that aisle seat in the exit row near the front of the plane with no one sitting next to you, we have some tactics that will help. Check out our tips for getting the best seat on the plane...